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Who We Are:

Our actual store is called Colorado Discount Skis and we also operate an EBay operation called DWSkis. We are located in Limon Colorado which is on Interstate 70 approximately 75 miles east of Denver. We are also about 70 miles from Colorado Springs via Hwy 24 which is sometimes called the Pikes Peek cut-off. As a regular dealer for a number product lines, we have a huge stock of current year products as well. If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call - we can most likely get it. Shipping products "correctly and affordably" anywhere in the world is our specialty along with supplying you, the customer with as much information as possible about the product you are interested in.

Periodically you will see "special buys" from other manufactures on products and accessories. We are constantly attempting to find products which make sense to purchase in an "online" environment.




Presently, we are a stocking distributor for the following major ski brands:










We stock 1000's of products in a regular retail setting our here. People ask us all the time; "What the heck are you doing with a ski shop in Limon CO?" The answer simple; lower overhead. This allows us to offer you a deeper discount then competitors who are burdened with a huge bill to have a shop on some swanky ski hill. Do you really care where your box is shipped from? Of course not, you simply want a great deal.

You are welcome to come and shop with us in a regular retail setting should you choose to come and visit us. Please call us first since we don't keep normal retail store hours but we are basically always here. We are available to be open when "you want us to be" so if your schedule requires 6:00AM or 11:00PM shopping, simply make the arrangements by calling us.

Our attitude has always been that you are only getting a great deal if the product you are "looking at" truly suits your needs and skiing style so please "ask" any questions you wish - you will always get the strengths and weaknesses about a product from Colorado Discount Skis - we want your next purchase too !!


Please feel free to browse all of our departments and information pages.