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Colorado Discount Skis operates an EBay division which is called DWSkis. We also have a website called and an actual store which is located in Eastern Colorado. We pride ourselves in being easy to do business with and we are happy to answer any questions via email or by phone so you can purchase the correct products that will suite your needs. We have attempted with the information below to answer all of the general questions you may have about making a purchase with us and our policy’s about those purchases. Should you have a question or need clarification regarding an issue not covered below, please feel free to contact us – we are here to help.



ALL SKIS and BINDINGS ARE "RETAIL STORE GRADE" PRODUCTS – We do not sell factory seconds. On occasion we do run across special deals that include out of wrap products with very minor scratches on them from them being mishandled at the warehouse or on the retail floor. These products will have a notation in our listing with information regarding what issues they have that do not make them “factory new” and perfect. We also come across older products from time to time that we are not (or no longer) an authorized dealer for. These types of products will contain special pricing which we have received and are able to pass along to you.
CLOSE OUT ski pricing to us is market based. This means that we pay more from the factory for popular sizes of popular skis. What this means is if you see some popular ski in an unpopular length, do not expect them to be the same price as the same ski in a length people want; when we pay more - you pay more. Fixed, flat pricing only applies to current year products in this business making comparison shopping on close-out products only relevant when you are looking at the EXACT same product in every detail. Colorado Discount Skis can typically "match" our US competitor’s prices on the same product, so please just ask and we will see what can be done to adjust our price to match it. Remember; the product must be exactly the same thing and it is common for us to have different costs on the exact same ski in different lengths.
All emails are replied to within 24 hours and most cases in only an hour or two. Colorado Discount Skis wants your business "forever" so we will ask all the correct questions to insure the product you are interested in is a suitable match for your needs.



We accept Paypal for credit cards and electronic checks (e-checks take 5 days for clearance) for EBay purchases. Our internet store processing / check out system accepts Credit Card charges with American Express, Visa, Discovery  and Master Card along with Paypal  – Should you have some other payment request, please call us at 719-775-8181 and we will attempt to accommodate you.



All merchandise is shipped via UPS or US Mail and includes a Delivery Conformation / tracking number. US deliveries take approximately 3-7 days from the time of order to receipt of your new gear.  After we have boxed your product and printed your shipping label, you will be emailed a tracking number by our shipping system.
Shipping is performed (in most cases) the same day your payment is received. We do periodically get backlogged where it may take up to 24 hours to ship your product. Please include a note if you have a tight timetable and we will do everything possible to ship you your gear ASAP. If you are on vacation at a ski resort/ hotel, Colorado Discount Skis will ship there or to that resort’s Post Office via "general delivery" allowing you to immediately enjoy your new skis.
Most Post Offices will only attempt once to deliver your new skis to your door, should you not be home, you will receive a slip which will require you to pick them up at your local Post Office. Colorado Discount Skis will also ship to your place of work on request. Leaving a package on your porch (or elsewhere) must be arranged between you and your Mail carrier since we are not able to make that type of request on our end.
Express Mail service is available (next day delivery) but be warned that these charges will double (and sometimes triple) your shipping expense. Please email or call us for pricing.
Combined item shipping at a discount is available if it is possible to ship your items in the same box. Unlike other sellers who mark up the sell price to include shipping, Colorado Discount Skis ships everything at the cost we pay to send the item to you. We do not charge for materials or labor to pack your item. Please email us should you have any questions about combined shipments and we will be happy to answer those questions.  If you are using our internet site, please put the item into our shopping cart and enter your country / zip code and our system will display your shipping options. On our EBay listings, your shipping options are show below our listing. All skis are shipped in a custom built "ski box" which has been specially designed to prevent damage to your new skis. We want you to be the one to put your 1st scratches on them, not us.  Colorado Discount Skis has a great deal of experience shipping skis without problems so insurance is not offered or needed.



Yes you may pick up gear from us or just come to shop. We stock a couple thousand pairs of skis here which are all located on display racks in a regular retail setting. Should you prefer to make your purchase in that fashion, please call us to make an appointment to arrange your visit. Our actual store is located 75 miles east of Denver out I-70 and is approximately the same distance from Colorado Springs via Hwy 24. All products are the same price as they are listed on the internet and we offer "while you wait" mounting so your new gear is ready for the snow after leaving our store. We do not have regular hours but are instead are open when you want us to be open. Should you choose to fly into our local airport here in Limon, we are happy to come and pick you up and take you back to your plane.



Colorado Discount Skis ships skis everywhere in the world via USPS Express Mail. You pay the actual rate (no mark-up). Delivery using this method in most cases will eliminate normal customs fee’s but you will still need to pay your value added/ sales tax based on the value we put on the customs processing papers. We automatically make this “tax” as painless as we possibly can to keep the fee that you need to pay your government as low as possible. The USPS Express Mail rate is based on the package weight; skis alone, typically weigh 9 to 12 LBS and when shipped with bindings, the weight is typically 18 to 21 LBS. We have limits on the package size so please do not plan on us shipping to you more than 2 pairs of skis and bindings in the same box. Most deliveries take 1-2 weeks but the time frame is based on your countries customs processing speed. Some countries (IE: Russia) can be incredibly slow and the actual delivery can take as long as a month. The delivery time frame seems to have a lot to do with the receiving countries customs backlog.
WARNING – From time to time we receive orders from people who are shipping our products themselves out of the USA. You MUST inspect this purchase before it is shipped elsewhere by you. Colorado Discount Skis will not be responsible to correct any issues beyond where we originally shipped this order. This means that should there be a problem with what was shipped by us or if the product was damaged by you shipping it elsewhere, you are responsible for these issues. Colorado Discount Skis will only cover the shipping cost to correct any issues caused by us.



USP Standard is a new service we offer for shipping products to Canada. Delivery typically takes around a week using this method and it is the least expensive method we offer. Please be aware that you will need to pay a processing fee on your end when this method is selected. This fee typically runs $20.00 - $30.00 so please factor in that fee when choosing this shipping method. Colorado Discount Skis also offers USPS Priority Air Mail and USPS Express Mail shipping for ski shipments to Canada. Using the USPS system sometimes requires you to also pay a fee around $20.00 on your end upon receipt of your package. This receipt fee is a complete hit-miss so you might be charged (or might not be) when you package is delivered to you by your Postal Carrier. The EBay system has an option for Priority Mail shipping to Canada. Please be advised, this method can terribly slow so if you are not willing to wait 3 weeks for your package, (worst case) please do not consider this shipping method.



Most of the products we sell do carry the original Manufactures Warranty; we are a regular dealer and will assist you with any issues which arise should a product sold by us have a problem. Common sense is needed with such claims on the older products we have for sale since these products have been heavily discounted and in many cases, nothing equal is being made by the manufacture any more. This never seems to be an issue on 1 year old products from the manufacture but gets much trickier on 2+ year old products. Typically when your purchase is older than 30 days, resolving such issues can be a problem and need to be handled on a case by case basis should something be blatantly wrong with your purchase. To put your mind at ease a little here, the defect rate of products is below .01% making the risk of you having any problems extremely low.


If you are not satisfied with your merchandise, you may return it. We have a “no questions asked” return policy but everything must be returned un-opened and still in the factory wrappers / box and repackaged as it was shipped to you.
Because this is a seasonal product, the item which you are returning must be postmarked and in transit back to us within TWO WEEKS of your purchase date. A 20% RE-STOCKING CHARGE will be deducted from your purchase amount and you will not be refunded the original shipping charge. The return shipping cost to get your purchase back to us is at your own expense. 


Should there be a problem with your purchase caused by Colorado Discount Skis, (IE wrong product shipped) all shipping expenses to correct the problem will be paid by us. Should the rare instance that your skis are damaged during shipping, we will need a picture of the box showing that damage along with a picture of the damage on the product. You need to email us immediately upon receipt of your order with this information so we can get this problem corrected quickly. A delay by you in bringing to our attention that you have a shipping damage issue immediately puts doubt where this damage occurred. This makes the issue very hard very to resolve when we can’t make a determination on how this damage occurred.  We have found that this issue is beyond rare because of our packing system but should a shipping damage issue arise, we will correct the problem with you. Compatibly issues caused by the incorrect products being purchased without our knowledge of your intended use for it (IE: wrong bindings or brake width on those bindings) for your skis are resolved on a case by case basis. We will do what we can to assist you in correcting those issues but those changes are at your expense.


Any product sold by us that has been used for skiing is no longer returnable to our store. Should there be a warranty issue with the product, we will assist you with the procedure for sending them to the manufacture for evaluation.



We are asked to MOUNT BINDINGS all the time. Most of the newer products now built by many ski manufactures have an integrated binding system or have a pre-drilled factory lift plate. These factory packages require only assembly to install the bindings onto your skis.
The information needed to allow you to mount your own bindings should you be a little mechanically inclined comes with your new ski bindings. We do not offer a "partial" mount like other suppliers since this service really is of no benefit to you, is dangerous, only sounds good and has no practical value. The "finial set" part of any binding installation requires that your ski boots to be physically installed into the bindings and be visually checked. If your plans are to take them into a local shop anyway, the cost difference between a "set" and a "mount/set" is nil so you gain nothing by us doing 1/2 the job. Should you choose to assemble your bindings onto your new skis yourself, we offer help with any questions you may have over the phone. We have found that offering this service is far superior to sending you a 1/2 done mounting job. Learning how to put your bindings onto your skis basically insures that you know what it will take to complete the set-up process. It should also be noted that shipping skis with bindings attached is complicated to correctly box so they are not damaged during the shipping process.
Remember - we don't just "toss" skis into a big box so they can rattle around on their way to you; we custom pack every shipment to insure your new gear arrives in perfect condition.
If you have purchased a "flat" product (no pre-drilled holes on the skis) from us and a rail mount type binding, Colorado Discount Skis can drill your new skis (when requested) and will mount this binding’s base plate. We offer this service at no charge when you purchase both items from us.  Having us do the drilling and plate mounting to allows you to complete your own binding assembly and generally only requires the use of a screwdriver to install and adjust them.  Sorry, Colorado Discount Skis does not offer this service on 2-piece type bindings unless you bring your ski boots into our store.