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Volkl 2023 Racetiger GS w/ rMotion3 12 GW Bindings NEW !!  168cm

Volkl 2023 Racetiger GS w/ rMotion3 12 GW Bindings NEW !! 168cm

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$549.99 Reg. Price $1,200.00   You Save $650.01



Retail Price = $1,200.00

Ski Type = GS Type Race Ski

MPN: 122011.200 - xxx (Skis)

         6877W1.VR (12.0 Bindings)


Side-cut & Turning Radius:

168cm = 115.0 - 67 - 98.0     TR = 15.4M      
173cm = 115.0 - 67 - 98.0     TR = 16.4M      (sold out)
178cm = 115.0 - 67 - 98.0     TR = 17.5M      (sold out)
183cm = 115.0 - 67 - 98.0     TR = 18.6M      (sold out)


rMotion3 12 GW Race Bindings:

Adjustment Range = Din 4 - 12  
Skier Weight = 95 - 265 Lbs

Color = Black / Orange
Brake Width = 85 mm

Plate Adjustment Range = 260 - 365mm


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Racetiger GS:

The Racetiger GS features Tailored Carbon Tips for the first time this coming season. Tailor-made carbon fibres allow the ski to be adapted to exactly the things it’s going to be used for. The strength and alignment of the fibres define the force you need to apply and the energy that builds up in exactly the right places, which means agile shovel reaction with a precise response the moment you initiate a turn. When you steer it, the new GS feels ultra-precise and controlled, and you need less power to do so. Its new characteristics are due to a discreetly shortened and flattened tip rocker and, most especially, its changed geometry, whose radius has been reduced by two metres. A narrower waist means more dynamic skiing and faster edge changes. Not only that, but the Racetiger GS is now available under 170 cm long – 168 cm to be precise. All this is perfectly rounded off by 3D Glass, two full layers of Titanal and our renowned multilayer wood core, as well as our new R-Motion 3 GW binding. A shortened plate combined with a wider hole pattern delivers stronger, more direct power transmission and helps you switch edges quicker.

The real highlight, however, is that the two rear screws are no longer fixed, allowing the binding to slide freely and the ski to move harmoniously through the entire line of the bend, giving more edge grip without blocking.


Multilayer Woodcore: The Speedwall Multilayer Woodcore uses Beech and Poplar in a 70/30 ratio. This combination provides numerous advantages when used in a sandwich core construction.

Zebra Structure: The Zebra pattern is a more aggressive base structure to offer the best possible precision & steering characteristics for the front of the skis.

Tailored Carbon Tips: Tailored Carbon Tips thus reach a new level of precision, direct tip response and active skiing pleasure.

Full Sidewall: Direct and strong power transmission with full length sidewalls.

UVO 3D: A Ultimate Vibration Object UVO is the first freely rotating, 360° vibration damper to apply cutting-edge vibration dampening technology to minimizing disruptive ski vibration. The terrain or surface below the ski inevitably generates vibrations, which in turn set the shovel in particular into motion in all directions. This significantly disrupts the smoothness of the ski-ride, and makes it harder to hold an edge. 

Powered By Titanium: The titanium setup makes the ski agile and dynamic. Especially friends of a hard, fast and aggressive riding style benefit from the quick response of this construction.

Tip Rocker: Only bends upwards in the shovel area, while the middle and tail of the ski feature a camber shape

P-Tex 4504 Base: A sintered, ultra-high molecular polyethylene base with an extremely high density. Besides a great wear resistance and perfect wax absorption the P-Tex 4504 is extremely fast and exclusively used on our top of the line and race models. The material has been upgraded with special additives to make it thermal and electro-conductive and proves its qualities with premium glide and maximum speed in races.

rMotion3 12 GW Race Bindings: This is a complete system whose significantly lighter race plate ensures optimal flex and grip. This is a complete system whose new, significantly lighter race plate ensures optimal flex and grip. The 20% wider construction allows for significantly improved transfer of power and control. 

Made In Germany



Shoppers: The rMotion3 Bindings are shipped to you in the in factory box. The Base/Track system is mounted by the manufacture so only assembly (no drilling) is needed to complete the installation of this model binding onto these skis. 

Shipping: Shopper pays the actual cost based on the shipping method selected at check out. The shipping price can be calculated by adding the item/items into our shopping cart and inserting your zip code on the shopping cart screen.

Returns: All returned Items must be shipped back to us at the buyer expense within 14 day of receipt. The product must still be in the original manufactures wrappers and box along with being repackaged in the same box that it was shipped to you in. Your refund will be given as Money back less a 20% restocking charge.